Application Process

Thank you for your interest in our program. We do have two program options available. Please read of process for each prior to proceeding to application.
Program option #1: Nine Month Residential – (No Cost – minor exclusions apply)
We offer our nine month residential program for clients both able and unable to pay for treatment. When an individual first enrolls into this program option they would be undergoing intense biblical teachings and training for the first 2-3 months. Once completing the initial program phase they would then move forward to looking for employment (once employed our residents do start contributing $125 a week for rent and utilities), establishing a savings account, and continuing to live a new way of life. Throughout the nine months our residents continue to attend teachings, services, and the occasional day or two in the classroom to ensure there is constant refreshing.
Program Option #2: 90 Day Residential Program – ($3,000 cost)
We offer our 90 day program to those individuals looking for a program with a shorter timespan but with the same effectiveness. For the duration of the ninety day program our residents undergo intense biblical teachings and training while in a classroom setting. Due to us consolidating what we normally do in the nine month program to the ninety day program the classroom hours are longer and we offer more in depth counseling, for both the resident and family.


Frequently Asked Questions
How much does the program cost?
We offer indigent beds for residents who are unable to pay for treatment. We do however require sponsorship of $125 per week if a resident is considered a flight risk, or out on bond, PTR, or ROR.
Do you allow medication?
Psych meds, antidepressants, narcotics, mood stabilizers, and the like are not permitted at our program. We do allow necessary health medications while here. (i.e. Heart, blood pressure, diabetes, etc.)
Can you be court ordered there?
Yes a lot of our clients are court ordered here. We can have a person sentenced to us for up to a maximum of four years, or whichever the Judge and state deem necessary.
will you take in couples looking for treatment together?
Unfortunately no, due to past experiences we will not allow a couple to attend the program together. We will allow one or the other in for treatment, and provide other program resources for the spouse / significant other unable to come in.
How soon can a resident start working?
Our residents are in a classroom setting for at least the first 3-4 months of their stay here. Upon completion of their classroom requirements, we allow the residents wanting to go to work right away to begin searching for employment.
how does visitation work?
For the initial two weeks there is no communication at all. After the two weeks we allow "family" visitations on Sunday every week following the initial two weeks, and we allow two outgoing phone calls for a duration of 15 minutes each to be made weekly. Furlough allocation takes place after 90 days.