Program Information

Total Freedom is a highly intensive and disciplined, faith-based addictions program. We have been declaring the truth behind the disease of addiction, since 2001 and realize discipline is a major factor in living a productive life. Here people can receive reconciliation to God, learn His ways, and receive His weapons to fight against the enemy; allowing reconciliation to their family.


Originally started in 1995 as an outreach of True Ministries Church, Total Freedom has grown substantially now operating a residential campus of five homes in Ocoee, Florida. The program offers two services: a 90 day program, or a long term nine month program for men and women. We provide food, clothing, shelter, and counseling to the residents along with counseling for their families. Classroom materials, job placement assistance, identity restoration, and transportation are also provided along with some medical assistance.  We conduct classroom study each weekday, group fellowship, Bible study, and other activities each night, including weekends.


We believe that it’s important to have the understanding that there is a consequence to every action or decision one chooses.  With a high success rate for those who complete the program, we expect 100% from every client.  Trust is earned before privileges are granted. Our goal is to impart the weapons of knowledge and spiritual truths, that defeat the snares of this disease by exposing the illusions created by drugs and alcohol.  We know that it is truth, not theory, that makes someone free.  Our program is based upon clinical truths that have been used for generations.  These truths have been gathered by eyewitnesses, living testimonies, and life changing experiences that are now being implemented in our program.


We are a Spirit-filled ministry.  We believe in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, laying hands on people while praying, praying in tongues, casting out devils, teaching the truths in the Word of God, and actively praising and worshipping the Lord. We train people to do the same.  If clients are not interested in serving the Lord in this capacity, then this is not the place for them. All clients will be involved in a ministry school of the Spirit with daily quizzes and a final exam. Also included is a Healing Process, which deals with issues of the past, and a Deliverance Session. They must be able to read and write English well and be willing to teach what they learn.


We are a non-smoking campus. There are no mental medications, opposite sex relationships (unless married) or same sex relationships permitted while at our program. Also there is no secular television or music, sex offenders or predators (due to the fact we are in a residential neighborhood) allowed. Clients in the long term program must also be physically able to work.


Frequently Asked Questions
How much does the program cost?
We offer indigent beds for residents who are unable to pay for treatment. We do however require sponsorship of $125 per week if a resident is considered a flight risk, or out on bond, PTR, or ROR.
Do you allow medication?
Psych meds, antidepressants, narcotics, mood stabilizers, and the like are not permitted at our program. We do allow necessary health medications while here. (i.e. Heart, blood pressure, diabetes, etc.)
Can you be court ordered there?
Yes a lot of our clients are court ordered here. We can have a person sentenced to us for up to a maximum of four years, or whichever the Judge and state deem necessary.
will you take in couples looking for treatment together?
Unfortunately no, due to past experiences we will not allow a couple to attend the program together. We will allow one or the other in for treatment, and provide other program resources for the spouse / significant other unable to come in.
How soon can a resident start working?
Our residents are in a classroom setting for at least the first 3-4 months of their stay here. Upon completion of their classroom requirements, we allow the residents wanting to go to work right away to begin searching for employment.
how does visitation work?
For the initial two weeks there is no communication at all. After the two weeks we allow "family" visitations on Sunday every week following the initial two weeks, and we allow two outgoing phone calls for a duration of 15 minutes each to be made weekly. Furlough allocation takes place after 90 days.